800G OSFP 2xFR4


800G OSFP 2xFR4


· Compliant with the CMIS5.1

· Hot-pluggable OSFP form factor

· Single 3.3V Power Supply

· Up to 2000m transmission on SMF with FEC

· Dual duplex LC connector

· 8x100G PAM4 EML-based CWDM transmitter

· 8x100G PAM4 retimed 800GAUI-8 electrical

· PIN and TIA array on the receiver side

· Power dissipation < 16W

· Operating case temperature 0°C -70°C

· I2C management interface

· RoHS Compliant


· Ethernet

· Data Center Interconnect

· 2x 400GBASE-FR4

· Cloud Networks


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